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Escort and close protection

Our company, working mainly in French Riviera (Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez, Monaco, Antibes, …) and in Paris ... offers you its highly qualified personnel to ensure your protection, that of your family, your customers and any other designated person, with all the sophistication and discretion you would expect.

To guarantee the physical and moral safety of all persons known as “sensitive”, both day and night. To ensure the continuing safety of their visits and trips using secure corridors and sites. Any mission is based on a database and a risk assessment so that the required measures and counter-measures can be taken in a high-protection framework.


  • analysis of the situation: needs-risks
  • close protection cells
  • site protection cells (residences, vehicles, planes, boats etc. )

All types of high-security transportation: (boats, armoured cars, escort motorbikes etc. )
Dispositif anti-intrusion (detector of movements and impacts, alarm, cameras etc.)


  • close protection officers (male and female)
  • security chauffeurs
  • pilots, escort motorbikes.

(All our personnel are monitored and trained throughout the year in our training centre.)

Sarl Security Contact
Numéro siret : 482 044 872 00034
Le Cabanon
831, chemin de la Sablière
06640 Saint Jeannet
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